Vodalux is one of the most successful and technologically developed companies in development and creation of garden ponds and reservoirs and also in design of city and park fountains.

Vodalux was founded in 1999. In a short period of time Vodalux started to develop vigorously thanks to a thoroughly chosen team consisting of young and ambitious specialists. 

Vodalux is currently a modern, hi-tech and constantly developing company. Sale of equipment for garden and park ponds is one of the main company profiles.

To create a garden pond or a water pond it is not enough to prepare a site of a suitable size and perform needed ground work. A garden pond is a complicated closed system that needs qualitative equipment and only in that case the pond will be a delight for the eye.

Vodalux offers a set of innovative solutions:

  1. We choose the best world manufactures of garden and pond equipment and carry out our tests additionally; only after that their products can be used to create water ponds.
  2. Water filtration systems enable daily water purification both of small dirt particles and of coarse garbage.
  3. Illumination systems provide for regular illumination of a water pond in minimum electric energy expenditure as the entire assortment of the light equipment is based on energy-efficient lamps. Light technologies help not just to illuminate a pond but also to create an individual light design.
  4. Different decorative elements, outflows and mini-waterfalls provide for a unique water landscape.
  5. Aeration systems saturate water with oxygen heavily which makes the environment comfortable for decorative fishes.
  6. We also offer a great range of preparations to care for water and fish.

By choosing Vodalux you trust professionals with extensive experience and the best technological solutions.

Vodalux - water as art!